The multipurpose Publish paywall

What do you think when you hear the word “paywall”? If you see it as simply cash for content, think again. 

While the Publish platform’s multipurpose paywall has proven a perfect fit for those seeking revenue via traditional digital subscriptions, it also has value for those who aren’t charging for content.


In fact, you could forget the term paywall altogether and instead think of it as a gateway for registration or membership. Here are three ways you can utilise this technology for growth:


Collect contacts:


If you don’t want to charge visitors to your website to access your content, how about asking them to sign up for free so you can accumulate email addresses? 


Implementing a “freemium” paywall across your site allows people to preview articles before they’re prompted to register so they can read the rest. The Publish platform can automatically sync these signups to a MailChimp audience, so you don’t have to dedicate precious space on your homepage or rely on pesky popups to grow your mailing list.


Exclusive benefits:


Incentivise your audience to create an account by enhancing the digital experience of those who do. Make the bulk of your articles freely available but establish a members-only section where those who’ve signed up can vote in polls, comment on stories, or get early access to content.


If you already have a list of contacts and want to streamline their path to engagement, it’s super simple to set up accounts en masse so they can start interacting with exclusive parts of your site from the get-go


Attract donations:


Don’t discount the generosity of your audience. Whether you’re seeking support for your organisation in general or a particular cause, use the paywall to facilitate recurring payments and help you reach your goal.


Seeking more sponsors? Consider discounted ad rates for donors. Can you get your hands on some movie tickets or a bottle of wine? Offer a small gift in return or run raffles to reward your benefactors. (As an aside, announcing the results of a giveaway – particularly if you get creative – is a quick and easy way to generate engaging, shareable content and increase traffic to your site.)



Keen to learn more about our powerful paywall or see the rest of the Pagemasters Publish platform in action? Contact us today.

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