Paywall and subscriptions

An overview of Publish's subscription types, payment security and user account pages

What subscription options are available?

The Publish paywall offers a range of alternatives to accommodate every reader:

  • Time-based: Customise these plans so they renew automatically after a set number of weeks, months or years.
  • Group subscriptions: Multi-user plans are perfect for business or council subscriptions. One master account, plus a unique username and password for each additional user.
  • Article packs: Subscribers buy a set number of articles and can purchase additional article packs at any time.
  • Freemium: Readers sign up with an email address, no payment information required, for access to limited sections of the site, as selected by the publisher.
  • Trials: Free trial periods are available on all paid plans.

Are payments secure?

All credit card payments are processed by Stripe. Learn more about Stripe’s security here.

How are subscriptions managed?

Subscribers manage their subscription on a My Account page, where they can change their password or contact information, update payment details, add users, switch plans, or cancel their subscription.

Publishers manage users in the backend of the site, including profile information, password resets, and expiry dates for paid plans and trial periods. Subscription payments, including payouts and refunds, are managed in Stripe.

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User access and role permissions

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