A super, simple solution for digital publishers

Press Release: Australian media services company Pagemasters launches its new website and digital publishing CMS, Pagemasters Publish.

Press Release: September 1, 2021


Publish is a super, simple solution for publishers of all sizes who need websites that are easily monetised and updated as content changes and readers respond. 


With a frontend design built for modern audiences and a smart, easy-to-use backend for busy and often stretched publishing teams, Publish is available from $499 a month and a modest setup fee.


Pagemasters has designed and delivered more than 70 news, magazine, university and not-for-profit websites for publishers across Australia and New Zealand and saw the need for an affordable content management system allowing a quick and easy leap to digital. 


Publish enables you to create and curate articles with ease, distribute to multiple sections and websites, schedule posts, create events and easily share content on social media. Publish includes a suite of built-in paywall options, sponsored content and advertising modules, directory listings, real estate and a stack of clever integrations. 


Publish’s current clients include Monash University, North East Media, Elliott News Group, Forty South and Visit the case studies page for more information about how the platform is already delivering great outcomes for publishers.


North East Media (NEM) in Victoria has launched 8 news and information sites on Pagemasters Publish since 2020. Here’s what they say:


“Pagemasters consolidated NEM’s digital media activities into an advanced newsroom content management system which helped streamline workflows. Digital subscription revenue has helped fund the creation of unique content. These comprehensive sites have played an important role in the company’s transition to becoming a multimedia news and information provider for North East Victoria and beyond.”


Pagemasters Publish Digital Services Manager Liam Runnalls says there has been a rush to explore digital publishing through the months of the pandemic. Regional publishers realise they can do a lot more with their valuable content to reach new readers.


“But these publishers need more than a basic WordPress site and once they start looking at paywalls, advertising modules, directories and integrations, the costs really ramp up. We wanted to solve that by investing time and technology into a serious CMS. The result is Pagemasters Publish.” 


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