Five reasons to add a QR Code to your puzzles page

Increase digital engagement with online puzzles.

We’re excited to report that Pagemasters recently teamed up with the world-leading AmuseLabs to deliver online puzzles content to clients. With QR codes being widely used in the community since 2020, your online puzzles might just become the most popular page on your website!


Download the Pagemasters digital puzzles catalogue to see how it works, and keep reading for five great reasons to add a QR code to your puzzles today.


1. Data acquisition

When someone buys your publication at the newsagents or reads it at the local cafe, you don’t usually know who they are. Sending them to your website gives you the chance to understand your readers. A simple “Enter your email to play for free” will see you build up your client list for future marketing campaigns.


2. Advertising assets

There’s only so much space on the physical puzzles page. A digital companion page gives you a new asset to sell to advertisers or a great value add to existing print advertisers.


3. Value for readers

Print customers who can’t get enough puzzles can use the QR Code to unlock bonus free or premium content. Customers can download a bonus page to print or play interactive puzzles online. Popular content includes quizzes, crosswords, sudoku and word searches. 


4. Gain subscribers and traffic

Redirecting a customer to your website gives you an opportunity to spruik the benefits of subscribing to your publication or newsletter, while giving your digital advertisers more impressions.


5. Engaging and habit-forming

In the age of people being glued to their screens, digital puzzles and quizzes are a proven attention magnet. They keep people coming back for more. Average solve time for a standard crossword is roughly 10 minutes – which is great exposure for sponsors. Online quizzes are really addictive activities for lone solvers or groups.


If you're interested in adding a digital element to your puzzles product, get in touch with the Pagemasters puzzles team and they'll have you set up in no time!​

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