Jarrah Media

The media group behind three niche magazines – one of which was first published in the 19th century – solidified their presence in the digital age by launching a trio of subscription websites.

More than 120 years after the inaugural edition of the world’s second-oldest beekeeping magazine was produced in July 1899, The Australasian Beekeeper continues to keep the industry abuzz via its monthly print edition and, now, a subscription website powered by the Pagemasters Publish CMS.


Utilising the Publish platform’s multisite functionality, Jarrah Media simultaneously overhauled the digital side of two bi-monthly magazines as well. By housing Vintage Trucks and Commercials Magazine and The Old Machinery Magazine on the same network as The ABK, staff can easily manage assets and admin duties across multiple websites. By regularly uploading content, they can repeatedly reach readers between print runs.


Working closely with Jarrah director Michelle Zavone and her Queensland-based crew, the Publish team customised its out-of-the-box Vita theme three times over to give the websites a consistent look and feel. 


All three use the platform’s flexible subscription software to offer a mix of membership options. Those who sign up for free receive access to content such as events, videos and newsletters, while paying subscribers can view everything on the sites – from classified listings to digital versions of the print magazines.


Each site also links to an external shop where visitors can purchase print subscriptions as well as books, DVDs and a variety of other products.


Whether informing the commercial beekeeping sector, or paying homage to old machinery and industry innovation, Jarrah Media is now engaging its audience across the globe, around the clock.


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