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Empower your newsroom with an all-in-one digital publishing platform. Generate revenue, grow your audience and leverage our expertise with decades of experience in media and publishing.

Loved by publishing teams

The perfect platform to manage and share your digital content

Publish with ease, attract more readers and secure more revenue.

  Simple authoring and aggregation tools

 Powerful multisite functionality

 Attract and keep valuable subscribers

 Pricing that fits your publishing business

  Integrate the tools you love to use

 Promote ads, listings and sponsored content

Maximise revenue

Attract subscriptions or donations using an out-of-the-box theme that features flexible advertising options alongside specially designed business, property and event listings.

Grow your audience

Make individual articles or specific parts of your website available only to those with logins, encouraging your site’s visitors to create an account – either at a cost or for free.

All-in-one platform

Are you tired of using plugins to get your site where it needs to be? Future-proof yourself with our powerful suite of tools and integrations that are all built in ready to use when you are!


  • No plugins
  • Built-in paywall
  • Powerful integrations

Distribute across multiple websites

Have more than one site? Manage all of your publications from the one login, share assets and admin access. It’s easy!

Choose from a suite
of elegant, responsive

Publish is backed by Pagemasters, which has been delivering high-end media services to clients across Australia and internationally for more than three decades, including digital newsrooms, website design, custom publishing, comment moderation and complete, ready-to-publish pages.

5 mistakes to avoid when starting a digital publication

Avoid common mistakes to ensure your website is set up for long-term success.


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"We are really pleased with the functionality and presentation of the website, and had good feedback from readers when we made the switch. We also appreciate the technical assistance we have had when needed and for development plans."

Jeremy Muir Editor, gisborneherald.co.nz

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